Melisa Seah

I’m Melisa.

I spend my days working as a product marketer on YouTube's Music & Premium team, focused on building and launching innovative global features. My work has been highlighted in TechCrunch, The Verge, Wired, Variety, Billboard and Hypebeast.

I spend my evenings exploring new ideas around creative tools, and late nights designing my heart out. I’m incredibly passionate about centering artists and creatives in all that I do, from collaborating with Grammy award winning musicians to emerging designers.

I started my career in early stage consumer startups, ranging from the worlds of VR to coworking to DTC. I’ve built many initiatives of my own, from a nonprofit to startups tackling community spaces and new paradigms for search & discovery. I’m passionate about fundraising for local causes, raising over $200,000 for impactful organizations.

I’m based in San Francisco, by way of Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Bangkok.

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